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My classes aim at helping people neutralize the modern day's hectic lifestyles. Here's where you'll improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Deepa Sapra

Deepa Sapra / Yoga Therapist

Discovering Deepa has been one of the best things, I ever done. I essentially wanted to start yoga to ground myself in feminine energy after years of high intensity Bhangra and weights. Little did I know this would lead me on a journey of meditation and self appreciation.

The classes via zoom are no different to her classes in person. She brings that same vibe, that same energy and that same therapy applied in her face-to-face classes. Allowing for our own limits, she explains perfectly how to adjust for our comfort and listen to our bodies, whilst challenging yourself. I will say again what I always share, try yoga with Deepa, you will not regret it.

Nev K.

I've tried Yoga in the past & was convinced it wasn't for me. Having been a weight lifting, home workout & pilates kinda lady, I recognise that finding Deepa was meant to be.

Her teaching style, the privacy of practising at home & the affordability makes this my best decision of 2020.

Yoga is a mind & body connection experience. It can be challenging (oh boy it can) yet you genuinely release the "issues in your tissues" - it goes beyond just physical movement.

Never had I connected with the practice as I can with Deepa. She is WAY more than a teacher. Her practice has been nothing less than life changing - if you think I sound nuts, just give it a go to know!


I grew up with Deepa and we had lost touch for a long time and only recently got the chance to reconnect through social media. I am a true believer that the universe gives you what you need, when you need it. I had no idea that one thing I needed in my life was Deepa’s yoga classes. I have taken many yoga classes in the past but none has compared to the first class I took today with Deepa. She brings a sense of calmness and ease to all the different poses. Some of the poses I have done before and some I haven’t, her explanations make it so easy for me to manipulate my body into those poses. My body has been so stiff and achy during this time of quarantine and after the class, as I walked up the stairs I noticed that my thighs were not aching, as I sat down to start working I noticed that the pain in my lower back was lessened. I don’t know if it was magic or what but I’m a believer now and I can’t wait for my next class with the talented Deepa!!


Deepa Sapra

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